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e-agriculture strategies: the case of Ivory Coast: ICT Update 73

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Many African countries have developed national e-governance, e-health and e-education strategies, yet many still lack an e-agriculture strategy. One exception is Ivory Coast, which has just started to develop an e-agriculture strategy.

Ivory Coast is one of the countries in Africa which recently started to develop a comprehensive e-agriculture strategy. In June 2013, a meeting took place in Agboville, Ivory Coast, convened by the country’s minister of agriculture and the minister of post, information and communication technologies. The seminar focused on setting priority actions and projects within the framework outlined in Ivory Coast’s national e-agriculture strategy document, which was validated in late 2012. 

The comprehensive national e-agricultural strategy document was the subject of a previous validation seminar organised by the ministers of agriculture and post, information and communication technologies in November 2012. The seminar held in June 2013 was a final step in an extended process of studying plans and deliberating with the many stakeholders in the national e-agriculture strategy.