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e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones: Airborne agriculture analytics with Matthew Barre from Slantrange

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e-Agriculture Learning Activity on Drones​: Airborne agriculture analytics with Matthew Barre from Slantrange

Thursday 19 October - 2 PM UCT / 4PM CEST
Drone-based imaging and analytics are proving to be a powerful tool to provide new insights to agronomists and farmers in crop research, breeding, and production. The resolution and on-demand nature of drone imaging enable the generation of new information that is both more actionable and more readily available than other imaging sources such as manned aircraft and satellites. However, the effectiveness of most drone imaging solutions in agriculture is limited by 1) the lack of customized information to meet specific information needs on the farm, and 2) the network and computing infrastructure required to support their data collection and processing workflows. SLANTRANGE has created a technology platform that overcomes both of these limitations, enabling an efficient and scalable solution that can be utilized on all of the world's agriculture acres. This webinar will provide an overview of the technology as well as several examples of how the products are creating real value on farms across the globe.