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Drones for Disaster Risk Reduction, from urban settings to rural resilience.

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The World Bank team in Tanzania is trying to use Drones for Disastr Risk Reduction. In partnership with the Drone Adventures, the team led by Edward Anderson is capturing very high-resolution mages of flood- prones areas in Dar El Salaam. "This imagery is now being used to generate Digital Terrain Models to develop more reliable flood-inundation models at an unparalleled level of resolution. This project is a joint effort with the Commission for Science and Technology and kindly supported by the Swedish International Dvelopment Agency and the Gllobal for Disaster Risk Reduction (GFDRR), working in partnership with the Tanzania Red Cross". (to learn more about the project click here

This project shows how drones can deliver cheaper data for crucial purpose such as the Disaster Risk Reduction. In this case, data are gathered in urban areas and they are directed mostly to urban planners, though the same technology could be applied also to a rural environment.

UAVs are important tools for increasing rural resilience since they can respond to three of the four pillar of FAO'resilience strategy: Watch to safeguard, Apply risk and vulnerability reduction measures, Prepare and Respond (to learn more about, please consult the FAO resilience website