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Location: Italy
Organization: Agritools

I am a digital journalist and researcher, dealing with the question of how ICTs can positively influence the development of our society, with a particular focus on the African countries. I am passionate about ICT4D and innovation for agriculture and human rights. I collaborate with the University of Turin and other institutions and I am the Project Manager of Agritools, a research journalism project that investigates the use of ICT for agriculture by African startups and organizations.

Ready to link up with people and share my experience and interests! smiley

Blog posts by Eliz-de:
Jokalante est une plateforme mise en place par un consortium d’organismes internationaux dans le cadre du projet Tic Mbay (Tic pour l’agriculture en langue wolof). Elle a pour ambition la vulgarisation de la production agricole à travers les technologies de l’information et de la communication. C’... more »
  Animal health is the biggest restriction to improving productivity of livestock in Ghana, where myriad of local diseases restrict animal productivity and cause high mortality rates. This is a result of reluctance by smallholders to administer vaccines, lack of knowledge about available medicines... more »
Farmers in Kenya are unable to realize full potential from their businesses due to lack of training. For the youth to engage in productive farming and improve their livelihoods they need to get access to affordable agricultural training. Many private farms in Kenya have taken up the initiative... more »
ISHAMBA Getting market and weather information by SMS Mediae Company, that focuses on Media for Education and Development in Africa, has successfully broadcasted a tailor made farming show to the East African Countries. The broadcast program Shamba Shape Up is an interactive forum for farmers... more »
Kakamega county is a high populated zone with wonderful weather conditions and well surrounded with tropical rain forest in Kenya. Poultry keeping in Kakamega county was taken as a cultural practice during ancient time of our ancestors, but the farmers find difficult to adapt this resource to the... more »
The agricultural sector has the greatest potential to uplift the African economy and address global food shortages, but foreign investors are increasingly choosing Africa as a lucrative opportunity, depriving people of their land and water. Governments have failed to convert the wealth created by... more »
This week we are still in Senegal and we want to share with you some findings related to the Senegalese ICT sector and the challenges and possibilities for youth to launch a start up in Senegal in the primary sector.  To better understand the agri tech scene in the one of most vibrant country in... more »
Today we share with you a really interesting project of Thiendella Fall (Tanor for the friends), a young Senegalese guy who had a great idea in the field of education, agriculture and ICTs. We met him in Senegal and he submitted his story through the Agritools form. Now we have published his... more »
As explained in the previous post, the Agritools project started its research activities in Wageningen (The Netherlands), where our team met several experts from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). When we speak about ICT for agriculture we speak often about youth.... more »
Agritools is the first multimedia research project that try to explain how African tech innovations and technology-based startups are revolutionizing the agribusiness sector and promoting the development of cultural values and rural policies. The project visits some cutting edge African countries... more »