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© Picture - Matthew Lohry After bitcoin we now hear more and more about blockchain. But what is it exactly? And what will it mean to agriculture? Will it revolutionize the sector? And if so will it also be to the benefit of smallholder farmers?  First lets have a look at what we can find about... more »
How can Africa leapfrog its development to match the world average? This question has been dogging many in the developmental spheres; and has been dwelt with recently by the Investing in Africa Forum (IAF). IAF is an initiative set up as a global platform for multilateral cooperation and promoting... more »
Anyone interested in technology, particularly new ICTs, and agriculture would agree that the two are daily entangling very well. Despite advances in technology and farming practices, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) reported (that while there is more than enough... more »
The 6th EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) begins today (on the 27th of  November 2017) roars into life in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire with an overarching theme ‘Investing in Job Creation for Youth’ The EABF brings together African and European leaders, stakeholders, multinationals to discuss ways to... more »
Today (Tuesday, November 21, 2017) the world marks the ‘World Television Day’ which was proclaimed in 1996 by the United Nations General Assembly, “in recognition of the increasing impact television has on decision-making by alerting world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security... more »
The Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhancement II (ADVANCE II) case study is part of a series of case studies by the USAID to highlight how digital technologies are integrated into agricultural programs. The adoption of digital technologies continues to increase within the agricultural... more »
  As the curtain comes down at COP23 in Bonn, Germany we await take-aways that could impact on farmers. What climate smart solutions really work for farmers? The publication ‘Climate Solutions that work for farmers’ though written in 2015, predicted that smallholder farmers in developing countries... more »
In a recent editorial of the Journal of Information Technology, states that ICT4D research is faced with increasing and rapidly changing technologies. This demands a “more acute sense of where research is situated within the broader picture of development”. The editorial explores the key... more »
A recent article looks at the technology and how it has and still will make an agricultural revolution in the future. This article is published by nature outlook; and postulates that a technological revolution in farming led by advances in robotics and sensing technologies could reform modern... more »
The Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO REU), in collaboration with our regional partner Green Growth Platform, is organizing a regional forum on e-agriculture for central and South-East Europe “Precise and integrated... more »