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  • rickysanchezv's picture

    La Trazabilidad en la agricultura: Una opción para los jóvenes interesados en el uso de las TIC para el desarrollo rural. Hace un tiempo leía sobre el tema de las "TICs en el ámbito rural" y sobre  como la población urbana ha comenzado a superar a la población rural por primera vez en la historia...

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  • smilingharsha's picture

    Harsha Liyanage, Principal Consultant, eNovation, UK; Managing Director, Sarvodaya-Fusion, Sri Lanka. The development objective of traditional stakeholders such as philanthropic donors, policy makers, NGOs and activists, is to raise the living standards of those living below the poverty line, those...

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  • Michael Riggs's picture

    The annual WSIS Forum (World Summit on the Information Society follow-up Forum) is in full swing this week. Taking place in Geneva, the Forum covers everything from universal access to e-education to computer waste. There are many topics of interest to the e-Agriculture Community, including...

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  • Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol's picture

    A case study in a rural area of Puno (Peru) shows how mobile phones are used and incorporated in everyday life activities. These include both agricultural and livestock activities and participation in weekly fairs. Everybody has a mobile phone: this is what several individuals interviewed in Puno (...

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  • manish's picture

    The transformative power of mobile telephones has everyone abuzz with excitement, not least of which includes the e-Agriculture community. And rightly so! As urban markets in developing countries are becoming increasingly saturated and tariff wars have almost cannibalized the sector in some cases,...

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  • jzoltner's picture

    Un Piloto Móvil Exitoso para el Mercado Electrónico del Agua (MEDA), Chile El Mercado Electrónico del Agua (MEDA) es un proyecto diseñado para apoyar a pequeños agricultores chilenos con derechos para el uso de agua para regar sus cultivos, efectuar ventas y compras de agua entre ellos cuando...

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  • LisaCespedes's picture

    Esta semana miembros de la Comunidad e-Agricultura compartieron sus experiencias y puntos de vista sobre el uso de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (TICs) para el desarrollo y algunas de las limitaciones que se presentan.    El Dr. Alexander G. Flor de la Universidad de las Filipinas...

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  • ugomatic's picture

    During October and November 2010 I had the opportunity to conduct a round of research in Kenya, working in collaboration with the Infonet-Biovision programme, an innovative and very comprehensive database of agricultural information available online and provided experimentally to a diverse group of...

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  • sandyflor's picture

    It may come as a surprise to many but ICTD research has been actively pursued since the seventies. One of our earliest involvements in this area was a World Bank project in the Philippines titled Communication Technology for Rural Education (CTRE) implemented between 1976 and 1981. Early on, the...

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  • dorothy.okello's picture

    Since inception in 2000, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) has made various efforts in information sharing and promoting the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among women and women organizations in Uganda. Currently, WOUGNET has over 100 women organisations as members, the...

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