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Youth in agriculture: possibilities and opportunities through Web 2.0

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Submitted by Eliz-de on Mon, 15/06/2015 - 09:00

As explained in the previous post, the Agritools project started its research activities in Wageningen (The Netherlands), where our team met several experts from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). When we speak about ICT for agriculture we speak often about youth. That is why Agritools would like to highlight the topic with two  videos that explain how CTA is involving young people in agriculture through ICTs and the opportunities for youth  in the primary sector.

The first video (already published in the first Agritools blog) is an interview with Ken Lohento, ICT4D Programme Coordinator at CTA, about the importance of the involvement of young people in agriculture.

“We use ICTs to reach them, to talk with them about how agriculture is important for the economy, not just because young people need to replace old farmers, but also because, especially in the African countries, they are facing a high unemployment rate and issues regarding decent employment. At the same time, we have the agricultural sector which is very large and has lot of opportunities for young people”.

Ken is involved in the coordination of several initiatives: the ARDYIS Project, the AgriHack Talent Programme  and the YoBloCo Awards, a youth in agriculture blog competition. CTA ARDYIS  is also winner of an international award at the 2015 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum.

The second video shows an interview with Giacomo Rambaldi and Ken Lohento from CTA about the use of Web 2.0 for agriculture development.

 “We try to teach agricultural specialists how they can use blogs to talk about their activities, to talk about the products that they want to sell, for example. We teach them that they can use Facebook pages to do the marketing of agriculture activities, because people are more and more online, even in Africa”

At CTA, Giacomo coordinates Web 2.0 and social media capacity building, and Participatory GIS (PGIS) initiatives.

Agritools is collaborating with e-agriculture, that created a space in the platform to allow the project to share the stories collected in Africa and reach as many people as possible. Agritools is also looking for new stories to publish into the map and young people interested to create a network in their countries, so feel free to send your ICT4Ag experience through the form and contact us at info@agritools.org

We will publish a post every week with one or two videos regarding a specific topic of the sector with interviews to exerts, youth, startups, Ngos and farmers, between Europe and Africa. 

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Agritools is a multimedia research project that try to explain how African tech innovations and technology-based startups are revolutionizing the agribusiness sector and promoting the development of cultural values and rural policies.