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Agritools STORIES: E-Bus project, ICTs and agriculture on the road

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Submitted by Eliz-de on Sat, 20/06/2015 - 10:31

Today we share with you a really interesting project of Thiendella Fall (Tanor for the friends), a young Senegalese guy who had a great idea in the field of education, agriculture and ICTs. We met him in Senegal and he submitted his story through the Agritools form. Now we have published his project in our map and we are diffusing what he shared with us. Ready his story!

TANOR STORY: E-Bus project, ICTs and agriculture on the road


Since 2013 the group of Senegalese Lead Fellows and myself, undertook project ‘E-bus’ in our country, in order to share our leadership in sustainability training with local communities and sectors within Senegal.

Thanks to this project, that will start with a pilot phase soon this year, we want to open the opportunity to educate the region with a focus on developing information technology skills and sensitizing the youth to be aware about the great possibilities that agriculture can provide nowadays in Africa. The E-bus project aims to integrate education and training programme more closely within the community thanks to a touring program that will use a recycled bus by placing inside laptops, internet connection and a group of trainers ready to share their experience with the rural people.

The key to the E-bus project is an emphasis on having an information technology approach, while at the same time encouraging participants to key issues question such as climate change, sustainable development, business plan development trainings, crowdfunding for agriculture, local responses, etc. Simultaneously the project will help participants around the country to develop their ideas in a space out of the ordinary, allowing an interaction between local and external actors.

The goal is to show that sustainability is the most important element for an uprising Africa and its development goals, by showing that innovative projects are possible without upsetting the economy or being a risk for the community security.

We intend to launch the first pilot project through a self-funding strategy which involves providing our target audience (4000 farmers): youth, local leaders, children, social actors, men and women. We will enable them to participate in our free training sessions as well as facilitate their engagement with other sectors.

To discover Tanor Bio and his contacts, check out the story on Agritools and send us yours!

Agritools is collaborating with e-agriculture, that created a space in the platform to allow the project to share the stories collected in Africa and reach as many people as possible. Agritools is also looking for new stories to publish into the map and young people interested to create a network in their countries, so feel free to send your ICT4Ag experience through the form and contact us at info@agritools.org. We will publish a post every week with stories or videos regarding a specific topic of the sector with interviews to exerts, youth, startups, Ngos and farmers, between Europe and Africa.

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